JVOOL Web Application Service - EN

A website is a type of software that uses Internet technology to perform a wide range of different tasks.

Websites in general are built-in programming languages ​​such as JavaScript and HTML. This is because these languages ​​are supported by the browser.

Because of their versatility, websites allow people to perform a variety of different functions.

What are the benefits of web application?

  • They help reduce costs for businesses and individual users
  • Easier to develop
  • More useful for users
  • Easier to install and maintain, and more secure
  • Easier to develop while developing your business

How to develop a web application?

This is the starting point for everyone who develops a new website, and you must have a clear idea that will be useful to users

There must be innovation in the website. You have to look at what your competitors are doing and think about what they are doing right and what they might go wrong with because your website may be able to take advantage of what your competitors are doing and outperform them.

Design is vital to a successful website

So you need to understand what your users are looking for and think carefully about how you can use this on your website

You must set clear goals in order to work on and develop them to raise the website to the top of the search lists

Keep in mind that your website can handle hundreds if not thousands of users simultaneously.

Our web applications plans

Now you can easily select the plan which  fit to your business.


Suitable for start-up businesses and our pricing plan starts with

$ 100
  • Responsive Design
  • SPA support
  • Up to 8 pages
  • Social media Links
  • Image gallery
  • Contact information
  • Map Location
  • Up to 2 e-mail accounts


Suitable for small, medium, and large businesses and agencies. And our pricing plan starts with.

$ 200
  • Security system for protection
  • Responsive design
  • Control panel
  • ability to customize the Control panel
  • statistics and reports about the site
  • website builder tools
  • Multi-language
  • PWA support
  • Map location
  • Contact information
  • social media integration
  • Ability To Create, Edit, or Delete Form
  • Ability To Create, Edit, or Delete Pages
  • Ability To Create, Edit, Or Delete Within Page Content
  • Ability to embed external elements
  • Ability To Create, Edit, or Delete A Professional Smart Portfolio
  • social media news feed
  • Schedule content on web app and social media networks
  • Lazy load and image optimizer
  • caching support
  • sitemap support
  • User registration On News-letter
  • User registration by e-mail
  • User registration By Social Media Account
  • Community discussion
  • anti-spam protection
  • Automatic checker
  • Brilliant Error Handler For Pages
  • smart backup
  • live chat support
  • phone call service support
  • display author profile
  • ability to create a smart user profile
  • custom loading spinner
  • time-line support
  • count down timer support
  • file organizer support
  • testimonials support
  • email customizer feature support
  • e-mail marketing support
  • SMS marketing support
  • ability to generate short-links
  • ability to reveal the amount of share count on social networks
  • Ability To apply web applications to US and EU Standards
  • ability to book an appointment
  • ability to create, edit, or delete pop-ups
  • ability to group-based user membership management
  • Up to 25 e-mail accounts


Suitable for e-commerce, e-learning, and cafes & restaurant businesses. And our pricing plan starts with

$ 550
  • All in Gold
  • Mega menu support
  • Ability to create, edit, and delete a coupons
  • Ability to create, edit, and delete gift cards
  • Affiliate support
  • Drop shipping support
  • Wholesale price support
  • Bar-code and label generation support
  • Bar-code scan support
  • POS support
  • Advanced search
  • ability to create, edit, and delete Special offers and discounts
  • Users wish-list support
  • Advanced item filter
  • PDF invoices and packing slips
  • item variation switcher
  • Advanced item slider / carousel
  • item zoom magnifier
  • Custom delivery Date & Time support
  • Advanced custom wallet
  • Currency switcher
  • Advanced checkout manager
  • Online payment support
  • Minimum purchase amount support
  • Multi-vendor support
  • Advanced menu cart
  • Advanced quick view support
  • item comparison support
  • item inquiry support
  • item personalization support
  • Gift-wrap packaging support
  • Waiting list support
  • pre-order support
  • Advanced item FAQs
  • ability to inbound items
  • ability to apply taxes and taxes variations
  • ability to apply shipping zones, methods, and classes
  • ability to apply shipment dimensions
  • ability to reserve a dedicated space or table
  • apply a user subscription according to item or period
  • real-time user activity
  • ability to push notifications
  • ability to create, edit, or delete giveaways and contest
  • ability to review items
  • fully inventory management system
  • advanced item customizer
  • advanced customer variations
  • item badge manager
  • item brand add-on
  • ability for item or shipment tracking
  • ability to apply downloadable items
  • ability to group or combine items
  • up to 50 e-mail address accounts

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